Michigan Women's Foundation

Michigan Women Forward Staff

The MWF Staff represents some of the state’s most experienced and talented professionals with a shared passion for the mission and the women and girls we serve.

Carolyn Cassin, President and CEO (ext. 200)

Peg Tallet, Chief Operating Officer (ext. 203)

Kate Spratt, Chief Financial Officer

Joyce L. Suber, Women's Entrepreneurial Initiative - Executive Director (ext. 204)

Judy Welch, Executive Director - West Michigan 

Caitlyn Perry Dial, Executive Director - Michigan Women's Historical Center and Hall of Fame 

Jennifer Pappas, Director of External Engagement (ext. 202)

Ann Parnis, Assistant Director of Development and Database Manager (ext. 205)

Deborah Phillips, Human Resources Consultant

Amanda Hoerauf, Executive Assistant/Office Manager (ext. 201)

Meaghan McLaughlin, Women's Entrepreneurial Initiative - Loan Fund Manager (ext. 211)

Elly Drain, Youth Development Programs Administrator - West Michigan

Lisa Mauzey, Corporate Facts (ext. 207)

Maggie Steinhauer, External Engagement Coordinator (ext. 206)

Catie Leniczek, Program and External Engagement Coordinator 

Carla McDonald, Technical Assistance Manager, West Michigan 

Michael Canale, Loan Fund Manager (ext. 208)

Anaam Arif, Women's Entrepreneurial Initiative - Fellow (ext. 212)

Lori Wesby, Women's Entrepreneurial Initiative - Program Manager (ext. 209)