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Leverage the Power of Peer Learning

PeerSpectives® provides business owners with an exceptional peer mastermind experience.  Set apart from other CEO roundtables by its unique story-telling approach, the PeerSpectives® system emphasizes the sharing of experiences rather than advice giving.  Through a guided facilitation process, core issues are identified and balanced discussion not dominated by any one topic or individual is achieved.  

For the head of a company, it’s not always appropriate to take issues to family members, boards or even a business adviser.  In a confidential setting, table members identify and address common issues such as personnel decisions, business strategy, company culture, customer concerns, finances and other business matters.  Through open dialogue, they help one another discover strategies to overcome challenges, gain insight and knowledge, improve decision making, maximize performance and gain the confidence necessary to reach the next level of business growth.  Being part of a PeerSpectives® roundtable offers an outlet to rely on supportive peers who are either “living it” or already “been there, done that.”

New groups are forming now.  Each group includes 6 - 10 women from noncompeting for-profit and non-profit organizations.  To qualify for participation, the entity should be in operations (start-ups and growth companies are welcome.)  Groups meet once a month for 3.5 hours.  Cost for participation is $200 annually.  

Current members only, please use this link to make payment.  All other inquiries about participation, please contact Joyce Suber, Exec. Director, WEI (jsuber@miwf.org) or Lori Wesby, Program Manager (lwesby@miwf.org).


“Like all of us, I'm busy - but this is the best few hours I spend each month!  The experience is invaluable; I have revitalized my business and gained new friends, confidants and mentors." - Kristine, PMSI Marketing & Social Media


"At first, I wasn't sure of the value, but realized it was an awesome opportunity to think in new ways about goals, issues, and challenges.” - Kathy C.