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Life Unplugged is a FUN, educational experience that gives young adults a glimpse at what their future might entail … as a fiscally responsible adult! In this interactive program, students participate in a simulation to determine how their values, career choices, practical living situations and critical life choices are affected by the realities of a monthly budget.

Every decision students make while participating in Life Unplugged is based on the assumption that they are young, working adults with a monthly salary based on their career choice and family status. They then make 10-15 life and lifestyle decisions, such as owning vs. renting a home, condo or trailer, personal mode of transportation, necessities such as car, home, life and professional insurance, wardrobe, entertainment options, etc.

Life really gets unplugged when they are faced with a reality check in the middle of the exercise that throws them an unanticipated curve… that can be negative or positive!

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Students leave with an improved understanding of financial matters and the impact of career and family choices, as well as with a greater appreciation for their parents’ responsibilities. With the knowledge that women earn 77 cents for every dollar a man earns, students take away an awareness of gender issues in our society as well.

Click here to learn more about Life Unplugged and how you can bring it to your school, youth program or organization.

Quotes from middle and high school students who recently participated in Life Unplugged:

• “The Life Unplugged session was very informative.”
• "Life is crazy expensive, so make smart decisions.”
• "Our parents do a lot for us. They really go through a lot just for the smallest things.”
• "It’s important, especially at my age (11th grade), to know how to manage my money in the future.”

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