Modeled after Michigan Women Forward's Power of 100 Women, Power 2.0 is a group of next generation leaders whose goal is to follow in the footsteps of the members of the signature support group both in career achievement and community impact.  With a shared passion for creating positive change for women and girls, P100 will provide guidance, mentorship and networking opportunities to Power 2.0 members.  

For a small monthly, quarterly or yearly fee totaling $600, Power 2.0 members have access to the Power of 100 women, attend fun and engaging networking events, provide volunteer support to Michigan Women Forward's entrepreneurship and young women clients, and help shape and develop programs to best serve the needs of women in their early to mid-careers.  In addition, Power 2.0 members receive tickets to Woman Up & Celebrate, MWF’s biggest and most important fundraising events. 

Access to the Power of 100 alone makes this a valuable investment in yourself and your career.  Power of 100 Women was started on the notion that with the backing of 100 women, anything can be accomplished.  This program grows in strength and numbers each year, and contains high level executives, professionals, influential in government and the private sector.  The group contains leaders from all over the state of Michigan and is the premiere networking group of its kind. 

Power 2.0 aims to take the example of these change makers and advance our own unique issues while also having fun and maybe a glass of wine or two!

Michigan Women Forward has been a catalyst for justice for survivors of sexual assault via its Enough SAID (Sexual Assault In Detroit) program.  Enough SAID raises awareness and funds to address the backlog of over 11,000 untested rape kits.  The goal of this campaign is to test, investigate and prosecute these cases, while ensuring that women are not denied justice in the future.  

Being a part of this and many other critical initiatives to benefit women and girls throughout our state is rewarding and educational, as we shape our leadership roles now and in the future.  Current members, to a person, believe the investment is well worth the return.  Join our impactful Power 2.0 movement today!


Complimentary ticket to our biggest fundraiser, Woman Up & Celebrate!

Networking events to help members grow and thrive professionally 

Informal gatherings to broaden members' social circles

Volunteer opportunities to give back to the community

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For more information on joining P 2.0, please contact: Jennifer Pappas at (313.771.3526)